A pirate’s life for me!

I just read NBC is doing an hour-long new episode of 30 Rock. Pretty exciting, eh?

What I do not like is, this seems to be a promo for NBC’s streaming service Peacock.

Back in the days, Netflix was a groundbreaker. We all happily paid the $6.99/mo to get access to all the excellent content we so craved. No more torrenting and pirating. There was no point in downloading shows anymore.

Fast forward to today, I consider myself a cord-cutter who does not watch too much television. Still, we have Netflix, because well, it’s Netflix. We also got Prime Video because it comes with our Amazon subscription. And of course, we have Disney+ because we have a four-year-old at home. Oh, we also have Apple TV because it came free with our new Apple devices… the list goes on! Add to that HBO Now, YouTube TV, Spotify, CBS All Access, etc., and you need 25 different subscriptions to be able to watch most of what you want.

And that’s why my friends, I have gone back to paying for an anonymous VPN subscription. Back to the high seas with me!

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